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What is Alimony?

Alimony is financial support a dependent spouse needs after a separation or divorce. Alimony is the most subjective issue the parties must address, because judges have so much discretion to set alimony. Heidi Risser has helped many clients navigate the alimony process to find a solution that meets the financial needs of the dependent spouse in a way that is reasonable for the supporting spouse.


How are alimony issues handled using the collaborative method?

Alimony can be a very emotional issue both for the supporting spouse and the dependent spouse because both worry about whether they can make ends meet after the divorce.  The way to reduce the fear of both parties is to address this issue with facts and understanding.  Both parties provide the necessary documents and facts to their collaborative attorneys, and the parties and their attorneys look at options to meet the needs of both parties.  Because both spouses have input in the process and can address the solutions that are presented, the hope is that the parties and their attorneys can address this issue respectfully in a way that both parties can understand. 

If you need assistance with issues related to alimony, Heidi Risser can help. Heidi has been helping to divorce couples with alimony and other issues related to alimony for years. Her goal is to make sure her clients’ concerns are heard and that their needs are addressed. Heidi can help her clients find a solution that is tailored to the specific needs of the family. For more information or to learn more about how Heidi can help you and your family, visit the Home page.  Go to the Contact page to reach out to Heidi directly.