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Collaborative Family Lawyer

Collaborative family law is an option for spouses who want to settle their differences outside of the court process in a dignified way that gives both spouses an opportunity to listen and be heard.  Both spouses will receive legal advice, so they will be fully informed when making decisions.  The collaborative process is a constructive and respectful way to divorce or deal with other family law issues.  Collaborative family law avoids the very expensive and traumatic experience of going to court. The collaborative law method is private and provides both parties some control over the outcome.  In a court proceeding, both parties give complete control to the court to decide the issues.  By creating an adversarial process, the court system increases the emotional damage to the parties in a divorce.  In almost every case, the children also suffer those negative effects.

Collaborative family law allows couples to divorce to make their own decisions about their finances, their children, and their future, while advised and supported by their collaborative team. Each spouse chooses a collaborative attorney to assist that spouse through the process. The goal of collaborative law is to keep the spouses from becoming enemies and to help them respectfully co-parent their children.

Heidi Risser strongly believes that Collaborative law methods can be used in most cases to avoid litigation and to find the best solutions for each family facing separation and divorce. Ms. Risser has used these methods for many years to help clients find solutions that meet their families’ needs and goals. Ms. Risser is a member of the Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals (“CCDP”) group and currently serves on the board of CCDP.

Ms. Risser listens to her clients, to determine their issues and their goals. She provides her clients and their problems with individual attention. Heidi Risser uses her legal experience and her skills as a collaborative professional to address her client’s needs and work toward their goals. Ms. Risser is an expert negotiator, who works with the other side while meeting the needs of her clients. She has experience drafting the necessary legal documents as well as filing any necessary court paperwork to make the solution durable.

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