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Child Support

Child support is handled in North Carolina by considering the NC Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines give the courts a formula to follow when setting the level of child support, but that does not mean there is nothing to discuss when determining child support.  Calculating child support under the guidelines takes some experience, and there are ways to deviate from the guidelines that an experienced attorney can explain.  For parents with high incomes, the guidelines may not apply.  In those cases, an experienced attorney is essential to address the needs of the children and help clients understand the appropriate level of child support.  In every case, an experienced attorney will help you to make child support decisions that meet the needs of your children.

Neither parent wants the children to suffer financially because of the divorce.   In many cases, the parents cannot agree on the amount of child support. It is essential to find a way to meet the needs of the children and to create a level that works for everyone involved. Heidi can help you consider the various options that still provide appropriate support for children.

When you are deciding on financial issues that affect your children, Heidi Risser can provide essential advice. Heidi is an experienced family attorney who has been assisting parents to deal with their most important legal issues.

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