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Child Custody and Visitation

Custody and visitation are vitally important to every family in a divorce situation. Both parents want to do what is best for their children, but they do not always agree on what that is. A collaborative approach can help the parents to work together to create the best possible custody and visitation arrangement for their family.  The attorneys in a collaborative team can address the questions of the parents who want to set up the best situation for their children, as well as address their concerns about having adequate time with their children.

When parents want to settle the issue of custody, it is important that they consider many options.  Working on the issue of custody collaboratively sets up the two parents for success in co-parenting their children.

If you need guidance dealing with child custody and visitation issues, Heidi Risser can help. Heidi has been working with families to address custody issues and to determine what custody and parenting arrangement will work for everyone involved, especially the children. Every child deserves to have a healthy relationship with his or her parent. Heidi’s primary responsibility when working with families on custody issues is to work collaboratively to find a custody schedule that ensures both parents have time with their children in a way that supports a healthy parent-child relationship.

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