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Who said lawyers can’t have a good time?

I attended the kickoff of Lynna Moen’s campaign for District Court Judge 2020. The event was held at the offices of Miller Bowles Law, PLLC. The speeches were short but impactful.

I have worked with Lynna for years and have deep respect for her as a person and as an attorney. However, until they read her resume, I had no idea how accomplished she really is.

There were a lot of family law attorneys at the kickoff, because we want more district court judges with family law experience. It’s not always enough just to have some familiarity with the statutes and cases, it really is helpful to have practiced in this area and to have a feel for the clients and their families. Lynna has that.

The Charlotte family law community is very tight knit, and we love getting together!

Some people may think family lawyers all dislike each other, especially if you just watch us in court. In reality, many of us enjoy each other’s company. Looking at the pictures, you can tell we were having fun.