Collaborative Family Law and Parent Coordinator

At Risser Law, we want to help your family avoid litigation and find the best possible solution for your particular situation.  Litigation is not an ideal solution for family law problems, because litigation:  1) discourages open truth-telling, 2)  encourages hostility and polarization, 3) is usually costlier and more time consuming and 4) the process is public.  The benefits of Collaborative family law methods are:  1)  the parties to share information, 2)   the parties work together to find areas of commonality and solutions that will benefit the whole family, 3)  the process is usually less expensive and time consuming, 4) the parties dictate the timing, not the courts, and 5) the process is private.  
In high conflict divorces, parents often look to a Parent Coordinator to help them effectively co-parent their children.  A Parent Coordinator helps parents to learn how their behavior is affecting their children, set goals for decreasing the conflict and devise strategies to effectively co-parent and meet their goals.

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