Collaborative Method

Posted by Heidi Risser
on October 16, 2014

The Collaborative method of resolving family law matters is very different from litigation. First, the Collaborative method involves signing a Collaborative Agreement. In the Collaborative Agreement, both parties and their collaborative attorneys agree to share information openly, to negotiate in good faith, and not to litigate. If the matter does not settle, both parties must find new attorneys. This way, both the parties and the lawyers have “skin in the game.” Next, both parties and their lawyers begin to meet. We call these 4-way meetings. The issues are discussed, information and documents are exchanged, and possible solutions are presented. Along the way, other professionals may be called in to help the parties resolve any differences, such as: financial advisors, tax experts, child therapists, or mediators. Once the issues have been resolved, final settlement documents are prepared and signed by the parties. Risser Law offers the Collaborative method to every case in which it is appropriate and prefers this method of settling family differences.

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