Networking is critical for any attorney to build and to maintain a law practice. An unconventional way to network is to schedule a "walk and talk."
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On Friday, January 11th, I had the opportunity to conduct a Mediation Training course, with Ketan Soni and Mark Riopel, for the department chairs of UNC Charlotte.  I was a little nervous to lecture in front of professional lecturers, but that nervousness was short lived.  The professors were very receptive to what we had to […]
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Last week, I attended the Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals Holiday Party.  I have been a member of this group for more than 10 years. Last night, looking around the room, I was amazed at how this group has grown over the years.  Meetings like this used to be just a few of us who believed […]
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I was asked by my friend, Sandra Lee, to record two podcasts for her business—Emerge Victorious. Sandra is a well-respected Divorce Coach and Mediator in our community, so I was delighted that she asked me.  I recorded two episodes for Emerge Victorious:  the first one was on Divorcing with Children and the second one was […]
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On October 26th, Mark Riopel, Ketan Soni and I finished up our first 40-hour Mediation Training class.  We had a terrific class of attendees. All of us worked very hard over a two-week period. The moral and enthusiasm of the attendees remained high, even after four ten-hour days! We enjoyed getting to know the students and […]
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Collaborative Family Law 

Risser Law is a Charlotte law firm focusing on family law.  Heidi Risser strongly believes that Collaborative law methods can be used in most cases to avoid litigation and find good solutions to families wresting with the issues surrounding separation, division of assets, custody, child support and divorce.  Ms. Risser has used these methods for many years to help clients find solutions that meet their families’ needs and goals.  Ms. Risser is a member of the Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals group.

Ms. Risser listens to her clients, to determine the issues and their goals.  She also gives her clients and their problems individual attention.  Then, she uses her legal experience to help them craft a strategy based on their goals.  Ms. Risser is an expert negotiator, who will work with the other side without sacrificing the goals of her clients.  She then drafts the necessary legal documents as well as files any necessary court paperwork to make the solution durable.

Please visit our Overview page to see a comprehensive list of the cases we handle, and to learn how we can help you with your legal issue.


Heidi Risser became a DRC Certified Family Financial Mediator in November of 2014, and since 2016 she has served on the Fee Dispute Committee for the Mecklenburg County Bar as a volunteer fee dispute mediator.  Since 2014, Ms. Risser has helped families mediate their family law matters.  Parties may hire her privately, or Ms. Risser may be appointed by the court as a mediator.  The benefits of mediation are many.  It is private, confidential, self-scheduled and the mediator acts as a neutral working toward settlement.  The parties may represent themselves or bring their attorneys.  Mediation can be a highly effective tool, if your goal is to avoid a protracted and expensive court battle.

Parenting Coordinator  

Parents who have experienced a high conflict divorce often wish their family relationship would disappear completely, but it does not.  These same parents must learn to co-parent their children, often for many years.  This dynamic also holds true for never-married parents who have adjudicated custody issues.  The children wish the conflict would disappear once their parents are living apart, but the same family dynamics that led to the divorce are in place after the divorce.  In such a setting, the children suffer as the parents engage in ongoing custody litigation, filing contempt action after contempt action against each other.  The courts have become overwhelmed trying to handle these high conflict situations.

Parent Coordinators help these parents and these children by working with the families to find strategies to lower the tension and conflict for everyone.  Parent Coordinators educate the parents about how their behavior is negatively affecting the children, facilitate effective communication techniques, assist the parents to set goals, and help the parents meet those goals over time.  Heidi Risser is a Certified Parenting Coordinator.

Respected Charlotte Attorney

Heidi Risser has been involved in the local Charlotte family law community for many years and is highly regarded among her colleagues. She is known among attorneys and therapists as an attorney who prefers to use collaborative techniques to solve family law problems.  Settlement always involves give-and-take between the parties.  Ms. Risser always tries to find a good solution for her clients and keeps the client’s goals in mind when helping them to craft a solution.

Heidi is a member of the Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals group and provides volunteer legal services through her work with the Council for Children’s Rights.

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